Hello to everybody! I’ve received a lot of emails asking me If people which are not professional could be possible to buy our products. Now It’s a reality and you as a not professional you can buy your favorites products from Eurodrop.es our new online supermarket.

We offer a huge variety of products as Sausages, Bacon Smoked, Bacon Unsmoked, Pies, Gammon Join, Fish, Desserts and many more with high quality.

Eurodrop delivers all over Spain, Canary and Balearic Islands included, Portugal too, except Azores Islands. If you are close to our depots you can collect your order inmediately after finish your purchase.

The website’s easy to use. You only just to add your products to the basket and complete the checkout process in a few steps.

Visit Eurodrop.es, and get your opportunity to try the best British and Dutch products.

Online Store Eurodrop.es