Today I gonna show you a selection of our bread catalog. The Garlic Baguette is a perfect companion for many dishes, for example, the entrecote or even as a side dish of pasta dishes like lasagna. You can also use it as a starter.

Sub Roll is a crusty bread with an ideal texture to create delicious sandwiches. I’m gonna give you some topping ideas.

Probably the most common is lettuce, tomato, and cucumber. What about these? Spinach, shredded carrots, jalapenos, olives, guacamole, mushrooms. Try it! ????

If you want to make a gourmet burger. Brioche is all you need.


Sub Roll  ????3244

Garlic Baguette  ???? 3966

Brioche  ???? 3909

Burger Buns  ???? 3997

Floured Baps 5″ ????3993

Hot Dog   ???? 3941

Plain Bagels  ???? 3905

Kamstra Round Rolls  ???? 3987



Bread Medium Soft White Roberts Bakery ????????Medium – Soft White

Roberts Bakery Thick Soft White????????Thick – Soft White