The popularity of fish fingers in Britain has continued for more than sixty years since their introduction to the market on 26 September 1955, priced at 1s 8d.

Invented in the Birds Eye factory in Great Yarmouth, Clarence Birdseye (Captain) was a US-born scientist who pioneered frozen food in the 1930s with his quick freeze method. In the first year, 600 tonnes of fish fingers were consumed, growing to 1.5 million daily today.

Fish fingers are surprisingly sustainable, according to the Marine Conservation Society. Some 85% of the fish in 48 supermarkets’ own-brand and branded fingers came from sustainable sources.

Fish Finger

4 Interesting fish finger facts:

  1. In a study, one in five kids in the UK thinks that fish fingers are made from chicken.
  2. The world’s largest fish finger was made in October 2009 by the Young’s Seafood company in the UK. It measured 5.66 meters (18 feet 7 inches) long and weighed 59.5 kilograms (131 pounds).
  3. The fish used in fish fingers can vary depending on the country. For example, fish fingers are commonly made with tilapia in the United States, while in Australia, they are often made with Hoki.
  4. In 2015, the UK celebrated the 60th anniversary of the fish finger by creating a commemorative stamp.

There’s mp denying we love them, from kids to the ‘on trend’ bars, and we see them on menus across the country. Ten years ago, we would have been reluctant to have them on the menu, but now we have fully embraced that ‘old school’ label to promote our dishes. 

It’s one thing that reminds us of our childhood. Getting home from school and having fish fingers, crinkle-cut chips and baked beans for dinner still makes me smile now.

So, what can we do to keep fish fingers interesting, reinvent them, and bring our little frozen blocks to the next level? A few ideas below:

7 Serving Suggestions

  1. The ultimate fish finger sandwich– Fresh sourdough, good butter, tartar sauce and pea salsa.
  2. Fish Finger and Veggie Skewers – Thread fish finger pieces, bell pepper chunks, red onion wedges, and zucchini slices.
  3. Fish Finger Caesar Salad – Toss the chopped romaine lettuce with Caesar salad dressing, croutons, and grated Parmesan cheese. Top with fish fingers and serve immediately.
  4. Fish Finger Poutine – layer French fries, cheese curds, and fish fingers, pour over poutine gravy.
  5. Taco– Crispy fish finger, street slaw, guacamole & salsa 
  6. Fish finger wrap– Spinach, burger cheese & ketchup 

Breakfast– The ultimate breakfast combination with your full English, remember, smoked haddock has been a breakfast classic for centuries.