Sauces & Dressings 

Today I gonna show you part of our range Sauces and Dressings. You can accompaniment with everything, giving the best flavour for your recipes.

  • French Dressing  Code: 7661
  • Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce  Code: 7527
  • Cessar Dressing  Code: 7659
  • Sticky BBQ Sauce  Code: 7650
  • English Mustard  Code: 7105

  • French Mustard  Code: 7133
  • Mint Sauce  Code: 7557
  • Dijon Mustard  Code: 7649

Tartare Sauce, is an excellent accompaniment for fish, meats, salads or even pasta.  Although it can also be used as a sauce to savor with cheese sticks, pieces of bread for example.

You can find it with the code 7642

  • Chicken Bouillon Paste   Code: 7582
  • Vegetable Bouillon Paste   Code: 7583
  • Beef Bouillon Paste   Code: 7581

Remia Sauces

  • Knoflook Saus   Code: 7772
  • Mosterd Saus  Code: 7708
  • Frites Saus Classic  Code: 7773
  • Mayonaise   Code: 7779
  • Tomato Ketchup  Code: 7606
  • Sweet & Spicy Chili  Code: 7522
  • Curry Ketchup  Code: 7615
  • Curry Gewürz  Code: 7767

DeVlaendere Sauces

Andalouse Saus A spicy sauce with a Spanish accent. Serve with meat and french fries.

Code: 7668

Samurai Saus Spicy hot sauce with tomato flavor. Based on qualitative dressing, peppers and red chili peppers.

Code: 7666

Hannibal Saus Slightly sweet flavor with crunchy onion chips for Frikandel.

Code: 7667

Americaine Saus Spicy tomato sauce with spicy herb dressing.

Code: 7669


Dressings Lion Europ Foods

French Dressing Lion

Ranch Dressing Delicious buttermilk Ranch Dressing with a cool, creamy, garlicky flavour. Perfect over a romaine salad or as a dip.

Code: 7649

French Dressing A traditional vinaigrette made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a stronger and more luxurious flavor.

Code: 7649

Caesar Dressing A classic dressing, creamy and indulgent yet light and full of punchy flavor.

Code: 7649

Yogurt & Mint Dressing Fresh and cool with a light, subtle flavor that will showcase stronger tastes or tone down hot ingredients.

Code: 7649

Blue Cheese Dressing Real blue cheese crumb gives this creamy dressing its rich and tangy flavor.

Code: 7649


Thai Honey Sticky Sauce

A contemporary twist on sweet chilli sauce, this sticky marinade, glaze, and dip combines the sweetness of honey with a hot chilli kick – perfect for slathering over pork ribs, and great with chicken.

Code: 7677

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